• bridge- We had to drive across a bridge.

• build-My Dad and I are building a deer feeder.

• burn- The kids burned the wood pile with their grandfather.

• capture- We captured a hog with my bulldog.

• change- The deer horns changed over the season.

• choose- We chose the 12 foot ladder stand for hunting hogs.

• clarify- The man said we had to clarify the woods.

• clobber- The deer clobbered each other with their horns.

• confront- The game warden confronted the man about shooting fawns.

• connect –We had to make sure every bolt was connected for the car to win the race.

• conquer – The state trooper conquered the drug dealers house.

• convert –We planted flowers to convert the landscape.

• create- The boar and sow hog created the little piglets.

Vocabulary 1

abolish – I was abolished when I broke the law.
accelerate – I accelerated when my dad said pass this car.
achieve – I achieve good grades when i work hard.
act – I act like an angel when I’m around my girlfriends parents.
adopt – We adopted an English Bulldog named tank from the rescue center.
align – We aligned the cars so we could not get seen.
anticipate – We anticipated my uncles was hurt when he had his wreck.
apply – We applied icy/hot on my back for my pulled muscle.
assess – He assesed that i was not very good at typing on a computer.
avoid – The deer avoided us when we were hunting.
boost – we boosted of my uncles 2003 mustang.
break – The deer broke my arrow when he ran after i shot him.

The Sense I Would Not Like to Lose

The sense i would not like to lose is my sight becauseIwould not see any thing to look at that is exiting.I would not be able to see my family or my friends.I like my sight because I would not be able to do any thing when im bored at home.I like my sight beacause if I lose my sight i will not have any friends or any one to look at.I thank GOD for giving us the sense of sight.He gave us our sight for resons to have a great time.He also gave us our sight to be able to drive,run,walk, and,jump.People like their sight because they like seeing things that are in their way of walking.I like having my sight so Icould hunt,fish,and,watch TV.I think people should thank GOD for giving us our sight!!!!  🙂